Windward by Lost Acre

New Beginnings

When we first stepped foot on Windward Farm, the land and the home spoke to us. We knew it was where we were meant to be.

Since then, we’ve been shifting into high gear and turning our tiny farm operation into a not so tiny farm operation!

So what’s to come?

  • A cowboy camp experience powered by Airbnb; Yes, you read that right! Get your glamp on and channel your inner Rip and Beth for a romantic night away in the country
  • So many more flowers; We’re going to be stepping up our flower game with a special emphasis on blooms that last forever; Flip them over when they start to fade to keep them indefinitely.
  • We’ll be providing high quality square bale forage to our friends in Loudoun County and surrounding areas starting in 2023; Delivery will be available! We also hope to specialize in some unique forage that specifically benefit goats.
  • Last year we dreamed of offering a mentorship program to young women between the ages of 10 and 15, in the hopes of connecting them with the land and providing a sisterhood outside of their normal circles. We hope to roll out a summer program in 2023 or 2024 that brings this to life!
  • We’ve invested in some new breeding stock and plan to amp up our offerings and quality of Purebred Nubian goats for show and production lines.
  • We loved doing our small scale CSA and plan to bring that back in a not so small scale fashion!
  • More products than ever – We’ve got a lot of room to grow and expand and we can’t wait to get started!

Questions, comments, thoughts, ideas? Drop us a line!

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