The story of….

How We Came To Be

When my husband and I first met, one of our first conversations was me sharing with him that I dreamed of living in an old house with a small farm in the back yard. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that my dream – now our dream – would become our reality. As it turns out, the old saying that thoughts become words and words become actions really can be true if you proceed with intention! We moved out of suburbia and into our historic home in downtown Round Hill in February of 2018 and haven’t looked back since.

We started with the dream of making a small, sustainable farm that helped support our family in a healthy and responsible way. We named our micro farm “Lost Acre Homestead” because we had right around 1.5 acres in the middle of town; We were small but mighty, featuring a CSA, farm blooms, quality Nubian dairy goats, egg sales, and a whole line of goats milk products and farm botanicals.

Fast forward to summer of 2022, and we’ve officially landed at our forever property in Shepherdstown West Virginia. When we stepped foot on Windward, the land and the home spoke to us; It was like we were always meant to be there. Fate proved that correct when we were officially able to ink the deal in mid May, and the planning hasn’t stopped since then!

We’re no longer living for the future; We’re living in the moment and loving every second of it. We can’t wait to share what’s to come with you!


Windward by Lost Acre, formerly Lost Acre Homestead

Michaela aka Misha Van Mecl

Owner, Founder, Dirt Worker, Dreamer & Animal Lover

A dreamer, artistic soul and bohemian at heart, Misha is the creative mind behind the duo. What she dreams, Reed executes! By day she works as a project manager for a tech company which allows her to meet lots of incredible people, stay up to date on the latest and greatest trends, and keep her mind always working. As a biology major she’s passionate about animal husbandry and always looking to improve farming practices. Her joy is creatures and all things with blooms.

Reed Mayer

Co-Founder, Gentleman Farmer and Director of Making It Happen

If Misha can dream it, he can build it. He’s always projecting around the farm and coming up with ways to make taking care of the property, the animals and the gardens more efficient and user friendly. By day he works in commercial real estate, but his heart is always on the tractor.

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