Garden And Bounty Box

The Market Garden Approach

We started gardening for two reasons:

One, we want to know where our food comes from, because quite frankly, I get really freaked out when our produce from the grocery store has funky stuff like a wax coating for shelf appeal.

Two, we feel that we need to do everything possible to reduce our carbon footprint by being sustainable and providing a micro environment that is a safe place for native pollinators and other wildlife!

All of our produce is manually harvested, rinsed and inspected for quality and freshness. It is highly recommended that you wash all produce at home before consuming, as we do NOT make any claims to disinfect our product by any means.

We will NEVER send you home with dirty vegetables, however, we are an all natural and non-pesticide micro-farm! That means that despite our best efforts, you will find the occasional rogue bug or cabbage worm. If and when this happens, keep calm and carry on knowing you support a small, local micro-farm that is nature friendly and loves their bees!

We discovered the famous gardener and market garden godfather Jean- Martin Fortier while researching efficient small scale gardening tips and techniques.

He is quoted as saying, “I propose that we work together towards growing the pie, inviting more people to our tables, all while refining our craft by continuously finding and sharing more efficient ways of running human-scale farms.” We really couldn’t agree more!

Two Ways To Purchase

A La Carte Produce Ordering

To learn about our current produce and miscellaneous selection, feel free to check out our Facebook page. We try and post what we have on a weekly basis, but if you need more immediate assistance, send us a message!

For a good list of items that may be available, check out our for purchase page.

Bounty Box

Our Bounty Box membership runs April through September and is an all inclusive farm good CSA. To get on a waiting list for a one time Bounty Box, fill out the information below.

Please note, we do not claim to be “organic” nor are we an organic micro-farm.

We use the following products and techniques to combat detrimental bugs:

  • Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth: Fossilized skeletons of tiny aquatic diatoms that when inhaled by insects, causing dehydration and death. We apply this in the evenings on troublesome areas
  • Neem Oil: A naturally occurring pesticide from the neem tree
  • Benificial Nematodes: Naturally occurring microscopic organisms applied to garden soil that predate on fungus, gnats, fleas and grubs.
  • Physical Barriers: We use netting on crops that need a little extra protection, and we try and alternate rows of tall and short vegetables to have an additional physical barrier in between rows
  • Manual Removal: Good old fashioned pick and squash!