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Keep on top of your herd heath and avoid unpleasant surprises with routine fecal sampling! Fecal samples can be mailed or dropped off at our farm.  Read below for shipping and sample collection instructions!

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Fecal float examinations determine total stronglye, oocyte and monezia results in total eggs per gram. These results are used as a diagnostic tool only, and we make no claim to be a veterinarian. Results should be discussed with your veterinarian for recommended treatment plans following fecal float results.


Fecal samples can be dropped off at our farm in Shepherdstown WV, or mailed. If samples are mailed, we highly recommend sending them expedited and including a frozen ice pack; Samples delayed in transit may yield incorrect fecal loads resulting in a lower than accurate parasite estimation.

Sample Size:

Small Goat Breed or Kid: 10-15 pellets

Standard Goat Breed or Camelid: 5-8 pellets

Equine: About an ice-cream scoop full

Instructions for collecting a sample:

  • Collect a freshly dropped sample using gloves and as little bedding or foreign matter as possible; Place the sample in a ziplock bag.
  • Label bag with animal name and collection date
  • If storage is necessary, store in the fridge until sample is shipped or delivered. For best results, deliver sample within 24 hours of collection.

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  1. Cathy White

    Misha serves a critical role with her fecal testing, and is so flexible with her testing schedule. She has helped me again and again, with answering questions and troubleshooting.

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