Doe – A deer- A female deer.. err… goat.

We knew we wanted a farm animal that could provide dairy for our family. Since our property is a little small, cows were not ideal, so we started researching dairy goat options.

And then we fell in love with the long, graceful necks and the adorable bell shaped ears of Nubian Goats. I mean, have you ever seen something as gorgeous? Don’t get us wrong, we think all goats are simply amazing. We’re just partial to those ears. We’ve since had a few offspring of Tink and Wendy that are not purebred Nubians, but they’re family so we love them just as much.

While Nubians don’t produce quite as much milk as some of the other breeds, they are known for having the richest milk with the highest butterfat content. For our herd testing history, visit here.

OliveR Acres SS Callie (AKA Wendy)

ADGA Registration #N1969481 Purebred Nubian Doe

Deceased March 2022

Sire: HHF LGE Sir Calico

Dam: Oliver Acres Serenity

Wendy came to us the same time Tink did ; We fell in love with her deer-like coat and her petite size. Even fully grown she is about 15 lbs smaller than her half sister Tink, but don’t let her small size fool you. She is FULL of personality! She’s a “look but don’t touch” kind of goat until she’s in the mood, which always makes it more rewarding. Her favorite snacks are kale, peeps, and parsley.



Sire: Bad Chicken Ranch Lionheart

Dam: OliveR Acres SS Jessie (AKA Tink)

Leah is the daughter of Peter and Tink from our first ever breeding season, and we decided to retain her to see how her milking capacity is after the breeding season of Fall 2021! We generally like to stick with purebred Nubian’s but we couldn’t bear to part with her. I mean, just look at those adorable elf ears!

OliveR Acres SS Jessie (AKA TINK)

ADGA Registration #N1969480 Purebred Nubian Doe

Sire: HHF LGE Sir Calico

Dam: Oliver Acres Luna

Tink is incredibly loving and affectionate, and is a rather formidable dairy goat! She is tall and long with excellent udder conformation. She’s always up for a head scratch and is very defensive of her kids. Her favorite snacks are kale and sourdough bread scraps from leftover loaves.