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Big things are upon us! Thank you for your patience while we work through this transitionary 2022. We’re so excited for what is to come!

Goats Milk Soap

Farm Botanicals

Goats Milk Lotion

Not so tiny anymore!

We love our goat’s milk soaps, lotions, and other farm products but it’s not all that we do! We’re planning our big farm plans for the new property in Shepherdstown West Virginia.

From The Farm

Free range eggs, produce, sourdough boule’s and starters, seasonal bouquets, and more available for pickup at the farm.

Lotions and Potions

Small-batch hand crafted goats milk lotions, soaps, hand salves and seasonal hydrosols using natural products. Available for purchase here!


We raise Nubian dairy goats, Californian rabbits and heritage breed chickens.

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