Stud Services

We will only stud out to CAE/CL/Johnes disease free animals and/or herds tested within the given breeding year. Our buck is registered with the ADGA and tested annually for CAE, CL and Johne’s Disease (visit here for testing results)


Driveway Breeding

$75/doe with a complimentary re-breed if needed; Each additional doe the SAME trip can be bred at 50%. Location is at our home in Round Hill, Virginia.

Herd Breeding

Host our buck up to three weeks on your property, $350. We will transport him to/from you.

Doe Extended Stay In Round Hill

Let your doe come and stay with us for a few days while we wait for the magic to happen! $120 per doe.

Herd Testing Assistance

If you need assistance testing your animals prior to breeding season, we can perform the blood draw for you and provide you with the lab information for the testing. Please note, this does NOT include the test fee (lab sets the price) or shipping/delivery to the lab. We are not veterinarians but are experienced goat owners.

  • One to five goats – $50
  • Five to ten goats – $100
  • Ten to twenty goats $175